Our Team




Our full service optical shop is staffed with friendly, certified opticians. In Nebraska & Iowa, licensure is not required and certification is voluntary. In some retail chain optical stores, an employee who was in the gardening department one day could be an optician the next. Anyone can be an optician, but not a certified optician. We are a proud to say that all of our opticians in both dispensaries are board certified by the American Board of Opticianry. ABO certification demonstrates that the optician is qualified and competent. With a combined, 146 years of experience, our six opticians at our two locations always strive to give you the most for your money. Quality and customer service are always our priority. Our opticians are not commission driven, ‘sales people’ who want to sell you all sorts of things that you don’t need. Our ethical approach and service oriented attitude is what we strive to maintain. Opticians are required to maintain their certification by attending continuing education seminars and training to learn the latest up-to-date skills, measuring techniques and advances in technology as well as the latest in eyewear trends.

“In particular, it identifies the optician to the public as a dispenser who will handle the patient’s eye wear needs with competence – someone who can be trusted to provide the quality care they want and deserve.” -American Board of Opticianry