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We believe that your eyewear must fit your lifestyle. Whether you are a professional, working in an office and have to see work at various distances, or you are fishing enthusiasts with the need for polarized sun wear, or both. We can provide you with eye wear that is right for whatever your lifestyle may be. We can customize your eyeglasses to be made for you, your lifestyle and your prescription, while looking good too.

All glasses are not created equal. The optical quality of glasses varies depending on where they came from and what materials were used to make them. At Eye Essentials, you can be sure that you are purchasing a quality product. Since glasses are a part of your every day life, we know that accidents can happen. We stand behind you when these accidents happen and offer you a one year warranty on your frame and lenses at no additional cost.

Many doctors recommend anti-reflective/anti-glare coating to give you the sharpest, clearest vision possible by reducing or eliminating glare and reflection. We use top quality, hydrophobic coating that come with a two year warranty and significantly improve the look of your glasses.

We extend our care throughout the life of your glasses. We offer:

Free Cleanings
Free Adjustments
Free screw replacements
Free nose pad replacements

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